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Programming and Setting Time Reduced with Edgecam 

Meddings Engineering have been making precision components for various industries for over 20 years. But staying competitive had become harder, jobs had become more complex and programming them was taking considerably longer. Typically, a programmer/setter/operator would stand at the machine and program the job while the machine was stopped, they would then set all the tooling required and watch the program through checking everything in case they had made a mistake. This process was taking longer than it should on most jobs. 
Something had to be done and so the decision was taken to invest in a cad/cam package. The benefits of this were that programs could be created offline while the machines were still running, modern machining strategies could be used to increase tool life, programs were optimised so that fresh air cutting was eliminated to decrease cycle times, complex programs were created more easily and programs were proved out on the simulation before making it to the machine thus reducing scrappage. 
After much research, Edgecam from Hexagon Manufacturing was chosen, some of the reasons included the excellent graphics in the software, the backup support, the program optimising capabilities and Edgecam’s reputation. The software was purchased in August 2018 and training of the key members of staff took place over the next few months. Matthew Hall, Engineering Manager, said... 
“Without Edgecam we would not be able to program some of the parts that we have been making, complex 3d shapes, tricky profiles and multi axis parts are now programmed at least 25% quicker. Without Edgecam we would not have been able to take on some of the work we currently do.” 
Meddings Engineering is now pushing forward to obtain Aerospace AS9100 accreditation and invest in the latest machinery and Edgecam will play a big part in the programming and production of the components for this industry. 
Meddings Engineering is approved to ISO 9001 since 1998 
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